Piano lessons
from ages 3 to 99


one-to-one • online • tailored to you

Piano lessons made for you

Pianoma is an online music school adapted to every member of your family.

Our methodology and our team of experts will provide you with a quality music education, combined with entertainment and fun, all with the comfort of being able to practice from home.

Pianoma is an innovative tool in the music industry, not only because it eases communication, but also because our teaching model is unique and personalized.

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Individual Piano Classes

Live lessons in one-to-one sessions with the teacher of your choice at the time that suits you best. So you get the most out of your time, effort and money.

You decide the content of the classes, you only have to tell us what you want to learn or practice. We adapt to your knowledge, your age and your language.

Please note that we teach via Skype, Jitsi, Google Meet, Zoom or our own platform, so you will need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. You decide how you prefer to connect.

We will write details in your own score that you will be able to see in real time!

With our professional camera and microphone equipment, you won't miss a thing.

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Our Piano Lessons

We want you to be happy with your online lessons!

At Pianoma we are in a constant process of research and development of pedagogical techniques that will allow us to connect with you and convey our passion for music in a easy and approachable way. We strive to create a teacher/student relationship based on our values.

and consistency

We follow proven and well regarded teaching methods to maintain a high standard of quality.

and understanding

We build a relationship of trust to make the learning experience valuable and meaningful.

on specialisation

We are committed to working with a single instrument and aim to become an online benchmark for this type of training.

Musical training
for all

We work to provide scholarships for students with limited resources.


All your class material in one place: scores, annotations, videos...

for you

You simply pay for the lessons you need: once, or as many times as you want.

At your
own pace

You decide when you want to receive the lessons. We adapt to your goals and guide you on the path to follow.

In your

We teach in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Galician.

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Committed to equality of people and respect for the environment.

We support equal opportunities so that anyone can have access to quality, international music education and official exams, regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, gender or condition.

We also do our bit for the environment by eliminating travel and reducing our carbon footprint.

Maybe of interest to you

In addition to piano lessons, at Pianoma we have experience in teaching other musical skills.

and solfège

Reinforce reading, rhythm, intonation...

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production and music software

Learn how to compose and produce your own pieces.

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Film Scoring

Discover how to add emotion to images.

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A few opinions from students and parents.


Short and concise answers for common questions.

Just your computer, tablet or cell phone with internet connection and your instrument. Then your teacher will provide you with the necessary material for your next lessons or advise you on what books or material you will need to buy. If you need to buy a piano, write to us and we will offer you free advice.

For your first lesson we will call you via Skype or Google Meet. Afterwards you will be able to contact your teacher through our private interface with your student account.

Whenever you want! Write to us or book your first class for free.

Yes, you can choose your teacher or if you prefer we can help you choose a teacher that suits your needs. If you are not satisfied with your first class, remember that we are here to help you find the right person for you, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Remember that your first class is always free!
For the rest of the classes you can pay by bank transfer, with your credit card or by bizum. All classes are prepaid, so remember that for your reservation to be effective, payment must be made before the day of your class.

As long as you give us 24 HOURS NOTICE, your teacher will offer you the possibility to reschedule the class. If this is not possible, we will refund you the amount of the missed class without any extra charge. If Internet does not work, it can be rescheduled free of charge within a period of one week.

"I've been wanting to play the piano for years, but I have the feeling that it's too late for me"

It is never too late to do what you are passionate about. We are more than used to work with students of all ages, and we can assure you that anyone is capable of learning to play an instrument regardless of their age or condition.

Every discipline can be learned at any age. If there really is something you are passionate about, try a class with us and discover what awaits you.

Our methodology for adults works on:

  • Clear and organized content.
  • Music accessible and easy to understand.
  • All music styles based on personal preferences.
  • Simple and progressive theorical material.
  • Special attention to the availability of each student.

We know that for many people the piano is their hidden passion.

It is never too late to rediscover a lost dream and enjoy playing, improvising or even composing your own songs.

Not everyone can have a weekly class with a fixed timetable, that's why we offer you total freedom to schedule your lessons: you decide you decide the time and frequency.

Which length to choose? Our advice is to choose lessons of 45 minutes or more. This way, your teacher will be able to show you, without rushing, which learning strategies you should apply to progress faster.

From Bach to Queen, enjoy playing and learning at your own pace, without struggle.